“Did you have any luck this morning?” Was the question most sneaker heads were met with on Saturday, with most answers being “no.” Those of you wondering what this is in reference to, it’s the Air Jordan Bred 1 release; one of the most highly anticipated sneaker releases of the year. All major outlets made it clear they were to be limited, but that was indeed an understatement, considering I received this message just 2 minutes after release:


And that followed with a series of angry tweets with friends of mine just as unlucky as I was.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 1.25.46 PM


Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 1.27.58 PM


Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 1.30.14 PM

It’s damn near impossible to get a pair of sneakers that you want these days, and here’s 5 reasons why:

5) The Hypebeast 


Hypebeast; Someone who follows trends and buys things because they’re in style. Not because they like it. And that’s something that’s been undeniable. Especially in this sneaker game. This has been making it increasingly difficult for the people that actually want to make the purchase because they have an interest in it.

4) Resellers 


This one’s a bit tongue in cheek, considering we love events like Sneaker-con, that are for the purpose of reselling. BUT it’s the samething that turns around and takes a stab at you when you witness your size being purchased in bulk at stores, and flipped for insane prices.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.55.05 AM

with an original retail price of $140, are you kidding me? But if you got it like that…

3) Retro Quality


I guess I’ll really be showing my age here, but I’ve been around long enough to see certain kicks resurface from years ago, with quality that just isn’t as up to par as it used to be.  The above photo? unacceptable! no reason any kicks that you’re spending good amounts of money on, should give in on you this way, but I guess the buyer would be at fault for picking up a pair of “early releases.”

2) Store Camp Outs 


This has gotten a bit overwhelming don’t you think? People camping out for sneakers is a bit much. Not only is it embarrassing, but I’d feel a way if I was on line for some sneakers and this happened:

Also, the overwhelming form of lines is the reason most stores have now established the RSVP system; a system where you RSVP highly anticipated kicks that are dropping through the likes of twitter, so that you can assure purchase and avoid the madness. Peachy.

1) Sneaker Bots!



That’s right. You ever wonder why just minutes after a sneaker goes for sale online it’s already gone? Well thanks to these bots, the desired size you’re looking for upon release is immediately added to your shopping cart for your purchase. These bots vary of course. There’s a twitter bot (that actively monitors the Nike Store twitter page for release tweets), a Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs, AND Footaction bot that do pretty much the something across the board. There are even youtube tutorials on how to obtain sneaker bots for good prices.

It’s become even more rare to walk into a store and get a sneaker everyone’s fusing about. Hate it or love it, it’ll probably just get worse.