50 Cent had his Animal Ambition show at Webster Hall last night and he brought G-Unit along for the show. 50 did a few of his hit songs from their mixtape hey day, the new Real Quick 0-100” freestyle, and the highlight of the night after performing the “Cuffin Season” remix, in true 50 fashion he threw a quick jab at his former friend now foe SlowBucks.

With all the controversy surrounding the Summer Jam incident, SlowBucks has received non-stop ridicule and backlash. One for being embarrassed in front of 50,000 people and two for possibly snitching on 50 Cent and the men associated with the chain snatching. Recently, Slow went to his Instagram/Twitter to address all the rumors after the video of his press conference surfaced, read below:

Video Via Nigel_D: