The “Starz” are all aligning for 50 Cent as he sets to begin filming his second series on the cable network.

After receiving backlash about his upcoming series about the story of the infamous drug trafficking organization BMF, Fif took to Instagram to post a written letter of approval from their leader Big Meech.


The show is expected to give us an in depth look at the rise and fall of the notorious group. As the excitement builds for this much anticipated series, we are sometime away from its inception.  In another Instagram post, 50 cent also stated that his process of casting will be a bit different this time around.



Casting for The BMF SERIES will be handled differently, it will not require all talent to have a agent to read for a roll. I’m gonna find some diamonds in the dirt on this one.Meech & T both thought this would let the hood come show there talent. I WILL GIVE DATES,TIMES AND LOCATIONS SOON.

BMF series coming soon to Starz!

Source: Instagram