“It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.” – Nina Simone

The year is 2020, and all over the world people are fighting for their lives. For most, that fight centers around navigating the global pandemic brought upon by COVID-19; but zoning in on the United States of America, the Black Lives Matter movement is in the continued fight of their lives for basic human rights.

With the addition of new names to the ever-growing list of senseless acts of violence against Black bodies, people all over the US have broken their local social distancing ordinances to shine a light on the injustices that continue to perpetuate death by racism.

Protests have spread nationwide for George Floyd of Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor of Louisville allowing those that stand with them to continue the fight for them.  Many of us are watching from home: enraged, saddened and exhausted. Many more have taken to the streets in solidarity. 

Here at FKB, we want to offer our support to the community by and large; who are fighting for, healing from and surviving the pain, anguish & fear that comes from being a member of the largely marginalized and oppressed communities in the USA. 

In the spirit of our continued service to serving up culture, we’ve composed a list of tracks to soundtrack getting through this moment. From Black hymnals, to protest songs to various Civil Rights movements worldwide –– we hope that these tracks remind you of where we’ve been, where we’re going and shine a light along the way.

And because we know we’ll be seeing some of you on the front lines, we’ve added a short-list of advocacy groups, donation links and bail bond foundations after the jump.

Stay safe. We love you. Black Lives Matter. Full stop.

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