If you were one of the 55,000 people tuned into Cam’ron’s Instagram Live story last night,  chances are you were highly entertained. Not only did Killa treat viewers by dancing in his navy blue rob to R. Kelly’s “Happy People,” he spent the duration of the next 3 hours telling his side of the story, as to why Dipset broke up, and addresses Jim Jones’ interview with Flex head-on.

While the wifi was a bit spotty, Cam shared more than a handful of highlights. Firstly, he congratulated Jim on signing to Roc Nation. “Congrats to Jim and everyone at Roc Nation,” he said. “I think Jim does deserve a fair chance. I hope he gets the shot he’s looking for. But a lot of stuff he was saying was based on emotion and wasn’t true because he’s an emotional guy. I really hope Jim is successful and I wish him the best of luck.”

Killa goes on to share that Jim’s relationship with Chrissy Lampkin put a strain on their relationship, especially when Cam began to make jokes about Jim showering her with gifts after just a few weeks of dating her. “Jim just met Chrissy and he’s buying her bags and shoes the first two or three weeks he met her. So I’m like “Yo, you tricking, man? What is you doing? You buggin.'”

Cam then went as far as to print t-shirts. “I made these t-shirts and it said “Tricky Ricky aka Jim Jones Is A Trick,” Cam recalled. “At the time we had mad niggas in jail and I was sending them money and he wasn’t looking out for none of our niggas in jail. Back of the shirt had all our niggas in jail and I had called him a trick. I wasn’t looking at it like that. I’m looking at it like that’s how we play.”

Later in the Live rant, Cam receives a call from prison from Love and Hip Hop star Mendeecees, who recalled Jim crying over a beef their wives had, which ultimately lead to them having disagreements.

Cam also shared that he believes Jim’s appearance on Flex’s show was only to redirect all criticism he was receiving for signing to Roc Nation.

“You sign to Roc Nation and a lot of people were like, ‘You a dickrider and dicksucking.’ This was what Dipset fans were saying. The next day he go to Flex. Most of the time you go there to play a record. I think [Jim Jones] went to Flex to justify signing to Roc Nation. ‘I got a lot of backlash for signing to Roc Nation so let me make up this story to justify signing to Roc Nation.’ How I robbed him and how he gave me a place to stay and use to be my manager, my hypeman. Just say you signed to Roc nation. You don’t have to go in on a two-hour speech about me.”

Safe to say a Dipset reunion will probably never happen again. Watch the full video below, courtesy of Thetrophylife.