It’s been several months since we’ve gotten a new installment of Action Bronson’s infectious F*ck That’s Delicious episodes, but today he returns.

For the latest in the food series, Bronson reunites with an old high school buddy, Mike Rojas, to travel throughout New York City with Rojas’ Urbani Truffles restaruant’s various creations.

Our day begins at Urbani Truffles in Midtown Manhattan, where our guide, Mike Rojas, displays an unprecedented amount of black and white truffles to stoke Mr. Bronson’s excitement for this exquisite tuber. A plan is set, and then we are off to the holiest of the holies: Per Se. It is here that chef de cuisine Eli Kaimeh prepares soft-scrambled Americauna Hen eggs with Castelmagno cheese and shaved white truffles, served to Action and his friend on a gold plate. After this, we could have stopped and went home satisfied, but we pressed onward towards the temple of regional Italian cooking: Babbo.