Hood Billionaire is Rick Ross’s 7th studio Album, and in this review im going to speak on a few things we need to stop ignoring when it comes to a Ross project.

Stand out tracks: Neighborhood Drug Dealer, Phone Tap, Quintessential, Nickel Rock, Family Tie and Brimstone

Rick Ross is truly living up to the self-proclaimed nick name Teflon Don. “Hood Billionaire” is Rozays seventh studio album, seems like it was yesterday my first time hearing Ross’ break out track Hustling. Since that time Ross has had a full career of successful album sales, started a label imprint with some of hip hops most promising talent, a string of fast food chains and major endorsement deals. Now with all that success you know nothing goes smoothly, Fat boy made it through rap beefs (50 cent, Jeezy, sent Eminem a challenge), His past surfacing as a correction officer, getting sued for use of his stage name Rick Ross, losing his Reebok deal for the U.E.O.N.E. Verse and most recently the internal beef of his two flagship artist Wale and Meek Mill (who is currently incarcerated). Through all of this you’d think no rapper could survive these set backs but Ross laughs and continues to enjoy eating his Pears (Purrs).

Rozay’s latest studio album “Hood Billionaire,” isn’t much different from his previous bodies of work. Ross has a great ear for music so the production is always top notch, and cinematic. The problem is Ross hasn’t attempted to change his lyrical content and has made the same damn album for the past seven or eight years. The album has stand out tracks but he isn’t reinventing the wheel. Ricky has a tendency to want to be relevant too bad in my opinion, the way he’s putting music out seems forced. Is Ross worried if he takes a break and focuses on other ventures, the publics interest in his music will fade? I’m not saying I’m tired of Ross, -but c’mon seriously bruh? Give us a minute to finish listening to the previous project, I’m still trying to decide if I like Mastermind. I’ll say one thing about Ross, the pear lover is consistent. And don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of the man, I love hearing his tracks at clubs or parties. But when I listen to a artist especially a artist putting music as much as Ricky is, a little growth in content would be nice, from. “Port of Miami” to “Hood Billionaire” only “Deeper than Rap ” and “Teflon Don” seem like Ross tired. Now a Ross album is starting to be comparable to receiving a Hess truck every year for Christmas, yeah it has different features….. BUT it’s still a damn Hess truck. All I ask Mr. Ross is that we get some growth from ya big guy, the production is brilliant like always but the greats are innovative, they allow the public to want them. Ross has been telling us he’s the biggest boss and the biggest drug dealer out of Miami since day one and guess what?! We get it. Thanks.

Hood Billionaire is definitely worth a listen, Ross has branded himself well enough now to were his Biggest Boss character is believable in his raps ( or are they?). His fans know what to expect and I highly doubt he’s going to change his approach anytime soon. Check out “Hood Billionaire” for your self and tell me if you agree? I’m always up for debate, comments are below. Let the games begin.