As Promised Action Bronson drops his ‘White Bronco’ LP

Earlier this week on Peter Rosenberg’s Open late Action Bronson announced his decision to leave VICE, and moving forward he was dropping his long awaited ‘White Bronco’ LP. 

“It’s reached its time,” Bronson told Rosenberg. “I need to be able to spread my wings musically. I have too many ideas for shows that work to be stagnated to doing one every fuckin’ two years. That’s not my thing.”

Previously, Vice served as Bronson’s label and platform for his hit food show Fuck, That’s Delicious. Last month, Bronson made cryptic tweets about parting ways with the media company. “You weirdo motherfuckers are lucky to have ever been in my presence,” he tweeted. “I’ll take my talents elsewhere because you sure don’t appreciate what I’ve done for you.”

Along with Bronson’s departure comes his new album White Bronco — his first independent project in six years. The 11-track endeavor includes features from A$AP Rocky, Mayhem Lauren and Big Body Bes. Stream Bronson’s new LP below.