Well this is a problem. Seth Rogen and James Franco’s film The Interview, has been pulled from the top five movie theater chains in North America. Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, Carmike Cinemas and Cineplex Entertainment have all turned their backs on the Sony release.

“Due to the wavering support of the film The Interview by Sony Pictures, as well as the ambiguous nature of any real or perceived security threats, Regal Entertainment Group has decided to delay the opening of the film in our theatres,” Regal said in a statement to THR Wednesday.

It is said that Sony hackers raised the threat level if the film were to see the light of day, but Sony wasn’t going to back down from their December 25 release, and left the decision solely to theaters, and what they’d want to do. What are the major theaters afraid of? Well this letter began to circulate, threatening distributors.


We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places “The Interview” be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to.

Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made.

The world will be full of fear.

Remember the 11th of September 2001.

We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time.

(If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.)

Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

All the world will denounce the SONY.

The Interview is a film about an assassination attempt by bumbling journalists against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.