Dame Dash played a major role in Kanye West‘s career; He signed ‘Ye to Roc-A-Fella and then oversaw the beginning of his super-stardom.

But when the Roc-a-fellasplit happened, Ye decided to stick with Jay Z and the rest is history. Kanye became a huge mega star and Dame took time off from the music industry to focus on other business ventures. The two hadn’t spoke for almost ten years after the split. But last month Dash and West showed the world they had patched things up when Kanye had Dame introduce him at the BET Honors Awards that will air late Febuary.

Now we learn there is more to the story. Last night, Dash posted an Instagram photo which also featured West and Q-Tip. This was the caption:

The thing we don’t do historically and culturally is stick together but we are stopping that now if we stick together we don’t need any middle men from others cultures… We know we can do it on our own…but we are so powerful together…pause and we have our own money..we already made history in music so we can do that for fun so we’re gonna do movies… This is like when Spielberg and Geffen got together and did dreamworks…it’s time…me and kanye making movies and my brother Qtip was there to bless the deal #independencewon #cutoutthemiddleman

That’s a pretty bold statement, once you evoke Spielberg and Geffen. Dame and ‘Ye made magic together before. Can they do it again in a new medium?