Azealia Bank’s is emerging as one of Hip Hop’s most out spoken and controversial artists. Today the outspoken MC had some choice words for Top Dawg ENT.’s golden boy Kendrick Lamar. After Billboard posted their interview with Kendrick Lamar speaking on subjects surrounding current events, the Internet was taken by storm with Kendrick Lamar’s comments about the Ferguson situation. Read K. Dot’s quote below:

“I wish somebody would look in our neighborhood knowing that it’s already a situation, mentally, where its fucked up. What happened to (Michael Brown) should’ve never happened. Never. But when we don’t respect ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within. Don’t start with just a rally, don’t start from looting– it starts from within.”

And that ladies and gentlemen, set Miss Azealia Banks off. She went on to criticize Lamar for the content of his comments, and for giving them to a “white publication.”

Banks makes some strong insights here. What are your thoughts?