We all know when Funk Flex has an MC up to Ciroc Studios, they have to bring their A-game to freestyle on the mic. So of course when Black Thought of The Mighty Roots band (who are also Jimmy Fallon’s house band)stopped through, the bar got set even higher.

Upon coming on the show Flex told Black Thought: “I like to answer people’s demands, I like to come through with what they ask me for.” Of course Black Thought obliged and continued to destroy Mobb Deep’s classic track “Burn” for nearly ten minutes. 

The Roots band leader  is definitely on of raps most under rated MC’s and if this freestyle isn’t the proof you needed, to make that clear he rapped “not one of y’all peers,” he is in fact “the sum of y’all fears.” Flex of course in the only way a rap enthusiast could, got ballistic at the end about rappers who have to do “50 takes” of their freestyle’s.

If you aren’t a Black Thought fan, you gotta respect the mans lyrical superiority. If you need more proof then go back and watch Black Thought and Method Man murder Sirius XM’s studio. Watch the freestyle below.