One of the best albums of 2007 is finally going to be released as a hard copy. Fat Beats is taking pre-orders for vinyl, CD, cassette and all the different bundles imaginable for the album and the release is set for January 21.

Blu & Exile shook up the indie rap world with the release of their critically acclaimed album ‘Below the Heavens’. Regarded by the public and critics alike as one of the best albums to drop in the new millennium, A statement that still stands to this day, the LP went out of print shortly after its release. 2011 saw more copies be released but still there just wasn’t. Lupe Fiasco once said Blu is one of the only MC’s he fears , which says a lot because Lupe is pretty arrogant when it comes to rap competition. Hopefully this year Blu will stop being a hermit and start making more appearances and working with the label more, so we can get music from him .