marc ecko

Earlier this month I was recommended to read this book on business and marketing written by Marc Ecko called Unlabel : Selling you With Out Selling Out I’d consider it a how to/biography book. Marc Ecko, the founder of Complex Magazine and Ecko Untld shares his biggest failures and triumphs that show what made him such a successful business man. As Ecko explains, “It’s not enough to simply merge your inner artist with business savvy, you must understand the anatomy of a brand, starting with its authentic spine.” After reading this very informative inspirational book you will learn how to find your own voice by taking control of your actions and not just sitting around waiting for hand outs. You’ll also discover why failing is needed, learn how to follow through on your promises, how to understand how your product or service makes people feel, and how to let go of  the past that hampers your ability to envision your future.
Unlabel is a great read for both young and old entrepreneurs striving to build a brand by starting from the ground up and never compromising their morals or what they believe in. This book should be used in college marketing classes if you ask me, because it gives you the blue print on how to grow both creatively and commercially by testing your personal brand and who you are, against the principles of the Authenticity Formula.

Marc Ecko’s impact on pop culture, fashion, music and art  should be recognized, and this is why i find it so important that anyone with a pulse should take a look at this great read because everyone can take something from it.

Below are a few Editorial Reviews :

George Lucas “No one has made STAR WARS cooler than ECKO. Marc’s unique vision became a global force. This is the text book I wish I could have bought in college.”

Russell Simmons “Very, very creative. More edge than most.”

From the Publisher
“Marc is living proof that you can be a marketing and business whiz and still be a true artist.”
Grand harmonic pop-culture convergence. Ecko is at a crossroads … the man is trying to step out from behind his rhino.”

“[This] media mogul made millions by leveraging his ability to find the next big thing.”

“Ecko brings a sense of edgy wonder to his work.”

“The merging of different worlds is a recurring theme in Marc Ecko’s life and in his work.”

“Marc Ecko imposes no limits on himself, or his sources of inspiration.”

“Very, very creative. More edge than most.”

Publishers Weekly
Urbanwear king Ecko (founder of Ecko Unlimited and owner of Complex Media) narrates his rise to glory, thinly disguised as a how-to guide to true-to-yourself success. “I am a brand, but I am not a label… you too are a brand,” begins this overblown though beautifully designed and illustrated book-length ode to the author’s own greatness. Applying his “Authenticity Formula,” the reader can overcome fear, take action, follow his or her purpose, and execute on ideas. But this is just a prelude; the heart of the book is an exhaustive history of Ecko’s rise from goofy kid to entrepreneur selling his own airbrushed T-shirts. He charts the ups and downs of running a growing business, from his first breaks getting street cred from DJs and other influencers to figuring out the manufacturing and fulfillment processes, to eventually achieving hard-won fame. His overall message is positive: “Refuse to be labeled.” But the rest of his tossed-off advice is a sop thrown out to would-be entrepreneurs. This is hubris disguised as how-to.

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