So I guess the Carter/Knowles clan isn’t the perfect clean cut American family we all thought huh? Earlier today TMZ release video footage of a highly upset Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s Sister) confronting Jay Z as they entered an elevator leaving the Met Gala this past Tuesday. Calling the events that happened after they entered the elevator a misunderstanding would be a complete and flat out lie, as it looked as if Solange was out for blood. Beyonce can be seen standing by as Solo literally puts hands and feet on Jay. Security had to restrain her from continuing to attack the God MC.

I’m sure some people have this image of Jay Z being a no nonsense hard ass, but people should understand that Jay and Solo are relatives and i’m pretty sure this isn’t their first altercation or disagreement. Everyone will have their assumptions and reactions as to what caused the toss up, but I think it was probably liquor and maybe a disagreement or something to that nature. No audio of the altercation is available yet but i’m sure as this video is taking the internet by storm more information will surface.

UPDATE: Extended footage of the altercation has surfaced, in which Solange continues her attack on Jay Z for another two minutes. At one point, as Beyonce begins to exit the elevator, Solange launches her purse at Jay before her sister reenters the elevator to try to calm things.