Bronx Night Market

              By: Jonathan “Jger” Geraldo

I recently had the opportunity to attend the first Bronx Night Market held at Fordham Plaza, and I was beyond pleased with the experience.

The Bronx Night Market is a collection of over 35 food vendors, local craft beer distilleries, Bronx based merchants and live entertainment. The creators of the market are Marco Shalma, founder of Bronx-based creative agency BLOX and Amanda Celestina, publisher at Edible Bronx. The two joined forces with local officials to bring this event to fruition.
All the of the food vendors were local which gave them an opportunity to show what they had to offer and what flavors the Bronx is cooking with. Vendors like Empanology, Next Stop Vegan, and the Bronx Brewery which was serving a refreshing Summer IPA, are just a few of the local businesses that were there.

Photo Cred: Jon V.

From the length of the line it was obvious that Empanology was one of the favorites at the market. The wait was well worth it because once I got my hands on their delicious chicken truffle mac and cheese empanada my taste buds were blown away leaving me craving for ten more.

Next Stop Vegan offers 100% plant-based dishes with their own little twist. With the owner being of Dominican decent the menu is heavily influenced by her culture. Offering dishes like stewed eggplant with Moro de gandules, and their rendition of a traditional Dominican street snack called a Chimi. This made it easy for anyone to find something they would enjoy leaving them with a smile on their face.

“As a small business owner myself, I was very proud to see other businesses thrive and exceed people’s expectations,” said Kayla Alvarado, Bronx resident, and founder/CEO of Night2Day Interiors. “Next Stop Vegan particularly stood out for their health driven mission, hospitality and dulce maduros. The Bronx is a proud home to artistic & cultural vibes so it’s amazing to see the #BxNightMarket provide a platform for the borough.”
The market attracted a diverse collection of people from not only the Bronx but all five boroughs. This allowed for those in attendance to witness what a melting pot of cultures the Bronx truly is.

Photo Cred: Jon V.

“The market was a well-needed event and it was great to see families out together, friends reunited, enjoying the weather and the music. I really liked that the food/drink stands were almost all (possibly all) local Bronx vendors. It was a great positive representation of the Bronx and I look forward to more things like that to get the communities together,” said Angelica Cardona, Brooklyn native.

Karla Gorritz, who is fairly new to New York City was out enjoying the market with her newborn son. “The Bronx night market was a great experience, seeing the community come together and embrace all the local businesses. It was great being able to take my new baby with me. “

The overall feelings towards the Bronx have not been ones to brag about. With the recent tragic murder of Lesandro Guzman- Felix adding to the already negative reputation of the borough, it was refreshing to attend an event that showed off the positives of the borough. The Night Market will be held on the last Saturday of each month through October, from 4 to 9 p.m. Do not miss your chance to smell what the Bronx is cooking.