After being released from prison (where he spent seven years for bank robbery) last April, Chicago MC Bump J drops his new album, I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated. The surprise, nine-song project features production from Cardo (Drake “God’s Plan,” Kendrick Lamar “GOD.”), as well as young Chicago producers like CAMEone, Eloh and Juice.

As the title suggests, the entire album was written after Bump returned home from prison, but not necessarily a changed man. “The incarceration didn’t turn me into a different person,” he tells FakeShoreDrive. “I was gone almost ten years so naturally I’m getting older and maturity comes with age, but I’m still Bump — just more calculated.”

In his interview with FSD, Bump also reveals that Kanye West (who produced his 2005 breakout hit “Move Around“) is producing a seven-song album with him and his old Goon Squad partner Sly Polaroid. Read the full piece here and stream I Don’t Feel Rehabilitated below.