In 2007 Cam’ron made national news for his views on snitching when he sat down with Anderson Cooper: “If I knew a serial killer was living next door to me, I’d probably move, but I’m not gonna call and be like, ‘the serial killer’s in 4E.’”

Fast forward 10 years later from that hilarious exchange, and Cam’ron has a new tune. In new segment with Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show, Flea is now telling everyone snitching is the wave, even coining the phrase, “snitches get stitches riches.” But there’s a twist: you can only snitch on Donald Trump says Cam. “Times changed. With Donald Trump as president, y’all snitches have a civic-ass responsibility to tell us what he’s up to” says Killa Cam. Obviously this is a pure joke but it’s always great when we get  Cam on tv. Watch the segment above.