Things just aren’t going to get better between former BFF’s Cam’ron and Jim Jones. 

Cam recently sat down with Angie Martinez to promote his new business venture with Reebok and discuss what he has in the works for new music. During the interview the subject of his fall out with Jim jones came up and Killa went on to explain Jim did some unforgivable things like airing out family business on social media and indirectly calling him a snitch for associating himself with Love & Hip Hop star Meneces Harris. When Angie asked could things be fixed? Cam stated no, and him and Jimmy didn’t really grow up together because Jim is really from the Bronx and they became friends later in life because of “business.” Cam did clarify Jimmy was his friend but at the end of the day real friends don’t air out dirty laundry like that. Watch the full interview above.