Cardi B has just dropped “Drip” featuring her QC mates Migos.

The track sounds like the Migos gifted her with the catchy track to be honest but it’s a solid track that will land on the charts in no time. The track ride off bouncy percussion and a whistling flute riff, with a very catchy hook. Cardi is giving her fans what they want on this track talking her shit ,rapping she has to work on her anger—lest she “kill a bitch with her fingers”—and boasting she’ll “run through your hood like, ‘Bitch I’m the mayor.” After fans had mixed feelings on her last single “Be Careful,” Bardi returns. Migos close out the track with Takeoff stealing the show with his impressive flow riding the beat.

“Drip” comes right on the heels of Cardi B dropping the lavish video for “Bartier Cardi” Monday night. Cardi week continues as it was announced that the regular degular girl from the Bronx would be the first Tonight Show co-host. And of course her album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ is dropping this Friday and capping things off with a performance on SNL this Saturday.