Frank Ocean’s new album Blond(e) has provided many surprises, and if your a rap fan the major talking point was that rare verse from enigmatic rapper Andre 3000 on “Solo (Reprise).”

“After 20 years in, I’m so naive 
/ I was under the impression / That everyone wrote they own verses / It’s comin’ back different and, yeah, that shit hurts me,”

That verse started a fire storm of reports that Three Stacks could only be talking about one rapper. And that rapper would be Drake. With all the speculation and rumors going around that Drake doesn’t write all his own rhymes, and “collaborates” with other artist and song writers  creating music. This is spawning from last summer when Meek Mill and Funk Flex producing reference tracks that Drizzy has used.

Of course we all wanted to believe one our champion MC’s from the Golden Era was starting a “Let’s Make Rap Great Again,” campaign. Those thoughts were put to rest when Cee-Lo revealed that Andre’s verse was recorded 2 years ago, long before the Drake “ghostwriting” discussion began. He recently visited The Sway In The Morning  radio show and discussed it.

“He was telling me that he did that verse like two years ago,” the Dungeon Family rapper and singer said during his appearance on Sway In The Morning, going on to confirm that the verse was definitely not about Drake. “I can confirm that it’s not, but it’s good for hip-hop,” he said.