Troubled R&B singer Chris Brown went to court in LA for his probation hearing and was ordered to spend another 131 days behind bars.

Brown admitted to violating his probation when getting into a fight in Washington D.C. earlier this year, during the hearing. The singer then was sentenced to spend one-year in jail, But luckily since Breezy already spent 116 days in rehab and another 59 days in jail to this point, he will only have to serve the remaining 131 days in jail.

The “Loyal” singer won’t be released until mid-September, TMZ reports Brown could get out early due to jail over population. The maximum sentence for the violation is four years, which Brown avoided due to the judge taking into account the entertainer’s recent bipolar disorder diagnosis.

Brown has been ordered to attend therapy sessions twice a week as well, and he isn’t out of hot water just yet, he also has the pending D.C. assault trial to face in June. Hopefully Chris is learning from all of this bad fortune he’s run into as of late and returns better than ever and get back to entertaining.