Oscar winner Christian Bale is director David Fincher’s top choice to play the Apple cofounder in the Sony biopic, The Wrap reported Thursday. Many of you my have forgotten, but Ashton Kutcher just starred in a Steve Jobs bio this past summer, and yeah it did that bad in theaters. Bale is still very far from taking the role as of right now. Director Fincher wants him, but Bruce Wayne has to commit first and the movie execs have to give it the big OK. The Wrap also reported that when Fincher met with the big wigs at Sony (for which he also directed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), he made it clear that he’ll only direct the biopic with Bale on board. Talk about putting your foot down. There is doubt about Bale putting on the black turtle neck and donning a pair of New Balances, but on one hand this Jobs movie has the same team that worked on the Best Picture-nominated movie Social Network and we know how Bale loves taking on challenges for a film especially when he knows an Oscar might be in the near future.

The film will be based on Walter Isaacson’s well-researched bestselling biography on Jobs. But there are downsides. As mentioned, Kutcher already played Steve Jobs in the independent biopic Jobs, which received horrible reviews and earned a low $16 million. Plus, Bale is said to be taking a break from liming movies for a while. He just finished playing Moses in Ridley Scott’s Exodus, and if you’ve seen the movie, “The Machinist“; then you know Bale gives a lot to his characters. Personally i’d love to see Bale play Steve Jobs. He’s already played Jon Connor from The Terminator, Batman, and Moses. Would this role be that much of a challenge for him?