Chicagoland is a show that gives the world a look into what life is like in the urban community of Chicago right now. Now with Hip-hops a abundance of rappers coming out of the windy city, more attention is being given to the inner cities. Ever since Chief Keef has burst onto the scene it seems like a new artist is appearing on videos or putting out music letting us know just how real it is in the mid west city. Common has recently team up with G.O.O.D. music label boss Kanye west to help open nearly 20,000 jobs and opportunities for people in their native hometown and Common appeared on CNN to discuss the Chicagoland episode he just appeared in and what things he is trying to do to help his city make a major turn around.

“I feel like it’s my duty to reach out to young people in Chicago. It’s like my way of giving back, because I’ve been afforded a chance to go out and live out my dreams. And I’m still dreaming. I wanna inspire and open up the gateways for the younger people in Chicago to pursue their dreams.”