Well they had to know this was going to be a problem right? Gracing the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone and causing plenty of outrage for it, is Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; the guy accused of having involvement along with his brother, in the Boston Marathon Bombing  that was responsible for 3 deaths and multiple injuries. The cover is not only distasteful with the portrayal of an accused killer as a rockstar,  but feeds into what these psychopaths ultimately want for themselves which is to leave behind a legacy. Who’s to say the next guy won’t be motivated by this because it could lead to them being covered on such a high platform that is known for pop culture figures, rockstars, and icons gracing their pages?

The cover story is said to be written in good taste and is suppose to give the reader some information on the  one-time UMass Dartmouth student who went to high school in Cambridge. Some stores are already announcing that they will not be carrying the new issue of the popular magazine.  According to the Boston Globe, the interviewer spent about 2 months interviewing plenty of sources including Tsarnaev’s childhood friends and law enforcement agents to make for a riveting story about how an intelligent kid with a bright future became a monster. Rolling Stone’s August issue is on newsstands now.