Leap Motion

The mouse is one of the  main peripherals to any computer system. It started with a serial connection that used a rubber ball which was my least favorite, then to a USB infrared which is the most common. But now, a company has created a technology that says…..no mouse is needed.

Leap Motion has created such a device that is completely hands-free and in my opinion putting the Apple Magic Mouse to shame.

It is actually a small device, at about 3in. it does not take up much space. Thus leaving any room above to utilize. The good thing that it does not replace your keyboard, mouse or trackpad. So if you are accustomed to norm, you can use it together. The software is already running on the device, so it’s a Plug n Play install. And! it works with Mac or PC.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion


It recognizes all 10 fingers and has a wide array of gestures to be 100% functional.

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They have an array of games, applications & utilities and even works with native applications. Just in time for the holidays, pick this one up for the tech head in your life.

Retail is $79.99 so it will not break the bank.

You can pick up the Leap Motion Controller on their WEBSITE