Okay so let me start off by telling you just how random yesterday was. I was literally in the house for half of my day debating whether or not I wanted to go downtown to look for a tie to wear for my birthday (which is today). I left my house around 4:30pm, and headed to Soho. Stopped at Club Monaco to see one of my good friends Taurian, who gave me an awesome birthday card by the way! Anyway, so i decided I wanted a shirt as well so I stopped in every store imaginable. Finally, I ended up in H&M and saw a navy blue button down I decided I could work with. Just one problem…that line was long as FU*K! 

I told myself you know what? I’ll stand on this line anyway because I want this shirt. So what do you do when your on a long line? Scroll through your phone of course. So as I’m scrolling, I come across Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse’s tweet that reads:

“Slaughterhouse Beats by Dre in store tonight @7pm!!! 67 Greene St. in  Soho!!! Be there”

Awesome! By this time it was 6:45pm, and Greene St. was literally 3 blocks away from me, so I was on my way. As I turn the corner I’m greeted with a line of fans that either read the same message I did, or knew about it long before.

All you needed was a wrist band, which they provided for you at the door and then you had to wait in line. As I eagerly waited, I struck up conversation with people around me. One guy said he showed up at 12:00pm just to sign up. Another said he was a die hard fan and was waiting for the pass two hours. I was in good company, as we sparked heavy debates on hip hop and waited around. Hell, I told one of them it was my birthday and he sparked an L for me! (yeah, sick!). Our wait continued, as a guy walked up and down the line and gave us these:

The crowd was getting antsy. By this time it is 8:15. Still no Slaughter. A black Denali pulled up around 8:00pm and just sat there so we kind of forgot about it. Some people started to leave, but at 8:21pm, 3 guys turn the corner walking towards us, heads held high. “YO thats Slaughter!!!” and the cameras flash.


Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Royce Da 5’9 began greeting the crowd, as they made their way towards the door. Oh and that black Denali that’s been parked? Out hops Joe Budden, who had apparently been waiting for them the whole time. The fact that they were on foot and just casually walking, was awesome! Anyway, we made our way inside and stood there to greet each member of the group. Inside was a pretty chill vibe. Not too crowded, and as we waited around, they played tracks from the album. Looking up at them, you could see how proud of their work they where. They mumbled eachother’s lyrics and laughed all night as the songs played through.


As I approached the table to meet them, I admit I got a little nervous but I dont know why. All of them were pretty chill and just enjoying the night. I had a brief conversation with Royce that went something like this: Me: “Yo I’m from Detroit too Him: Really what part? Me: 6 mile Royce: REALLY me tOO!! what’s your cross street? Me: I’m from 6 mile & Ilene. Royce: Oh I know where that is.” Proud of that guy. My only regret is not bringing my business cards with me. That SUCKS, but I got an autographed poster as well:

I have some footage from the event I’ll upload a little later as well, with a funny back and forth between Royce and a girl standing next to me. From chilling at home to frustratingly looking for something to wear in the city, to this. You just never know where your day could end up. YAOWA!