With all the hoopla about Funk Master Flex airing Jay Z out and rumors about Jay Z buying Hot 97 ( which are false), it was only a matter of time before Dame Dash chimed in.
Dame addressed the situation as best he could since he’s worked very closely with both parties. Dash says he thinks Flex was honest in what he said, and that Flex was speaking on years of personal experiences within that relationship. As for Jay’s perspective on the situation, Dame doesn’t think that Jay will ever respond to Flex publicly about this because Jay is too corporate to even do so and it wouldn’t be in his best interest as a businessman. I agree with that 100%, I still think Flex is being petty, but I understand where he’s coming from too. Also Dame went on to talk about this past weekends taping of the BET honors where he presented Kanye West with the visionary award. Watch the interview here below.