Diddy stopped by the Breakfast Club to promote his new show The Four and discuss his other endeavors. During the interview Puff spoke about many subjects ranging from his children, being engaged for 2 hours, burying the hatchet with Drake, his thoughts on the fascination with Biggie and Pac. The juicy part of the interview came when the subject came of 50 Cent constantly talking about Diddy’s sexuality. They played clips from his Drink Champs interview with N.O.R.E., Fabolous, and Jadakiss were he made some questionable remarks. Things got even more funny when they brought up the story of Diddy wanting to take 50 shopping, so he went on to give his side of the story.

“I have no beef with 50. He loves me,” Diddy affirmed. “You really think that’s hate? When you really break it down, you’ve been out here a long time, you know he loves me.”

“When he does; that it’s like funny to me,” he continued. “I don’t really take it personal. I know he has a different sense of humor. He’s just not in my life. We don’t have to never cross paths. And I will never say nothing negative about him cause that’s just not me. Sometimes people that feel like they don’t like you and they act like that. They really love you. I’m not just saying it to say it. There’s something about me that has him on me all the time, and I’m not going nowhere.”