*note: be sure to watch in HD

An exclusive First Klass Breakfast premiere.

A short film about getting older…and growing up.

Dinosaur is a new short film by Brooklyn-based, Brazilian-American filmmaker Fernando Pacheco de Castro. Release is planned for Spring 2015.

Based on the short story by Bruce Holland Rogers.

Jay Strauss-Willams
Carole Dell’Aquila
Jesse Turits
Davis Hood

Adapted & Directed by
Fernando Pacheco de Castro

Director of Photography
Javier de Pablos Velez

Produced by
Thomas Hill
Johanna B. Kelly
Fernando Pacheco de Castro
Pablo Chea

Executive Producer
Martin Snyder

Production Designer
Johanna B. Kelly

Edited by
Pablo Chea
Fernando Pacheco de Castro

Special Thanks
Reggie Ekokobe