Khaled’s going for 8 straight summers. During a sit down with MTV’s Rob Markman, DJ Khaled starting speaking on everything from hitting the gym, to being locked in the studio as of late. But when asked what could he possibly do different this time around, the always boisterous DJ lost his marbles before adding:

“What you think I’m playing with this sh–? Eight summers, I got Jay Z, Shawn Carter; I got Hova on my first single,” he said before slamming the mic to the ground. “F–k this sh–, I’mma show the game, boy.”

To me, this is a more than obvious ploy to get his name in the news right now. What reason did he really have to over react in that way? Props to Rob for keeping his composure. This isn’t the first time Khaled’s done something over the top for attention. Remember that time he “proposed” to Nicki Minaj right before his single was released (ironically featuring Nicki called “I Wanna Be With You“?) Let the music speak, bruh. #ChillKhaled