Every March 9th is a national hip-hop holiday celebrating the life of The Notorious B.I.G. Today you will see video tributes, parties in his honor, mixtapes, editorials detailing his legacy and more. But one thing will always be on most rap fans minds is weather Frank Whites raps would have transitioned well over some of today’s hip hop instrumentals.

Well today we get that answer from none over than Biggie’s tour DJ DJ Mister Cee. Cee attempts to bridge that proverbial gap with Biggie Blendz 2016. Alongside SNICKA, the two fit instrumentals from Kanye West (“Real Friends”), Future (“Stick Talk”), 2 Milly (“Milly Rock”), Yo Gotti (“Down In The DM”), and a host of others for a quickstrike mix. It’s nothing to go crazy over but it’s worth a listen for some good Ol’ Biggie nostalgia.