It’s understandable that being in the hip hop community; one that appears to be homophobic, someone in the entertainment industry would be a bit reluctant to live their lifestyle openly. Such has been said about DJ Mister Cee; the one everyone credits as nothing short of a legend, the former DJ of Big Daddy Kane, and of course the guy that helped bring us The Notorious B.I.G. But these days, Cee’s legacy is being tarnished by his personal life.

Yesterday, Cee took to Hot 97’s morning show to defend his name for being accused of soliciting sex from a prostitute (again). If you’ll remember, in 2011 the legendary DJ was actually caught in a sex act with an alleged male prostitute giving him oral sex; a case to which he was charged with public lewdness but pled guilty to loitering charges and was sentenced to 3 months of counseling. This time, Cee discussed his most recent case. As he described it, he was driving and pulled over to make a phone call. His vehicle was approached by a woman who offered to give him oral sex, which he turned down. The woman in question happened to be an undercover female officer. “They tried to turn it around and say it was a male officer. It was a sting operation” he says. As the morning show director stresses that they wouldn’t judge his lifestyle if he were to be honest with them, Cee professes “I’m not gay.” But do we believe him?

In the midst of the heated discussion, Cee says something that made me question the entirety of the interview.

Let’s say if I’m lying, that’s my choice. If i’m lying and I chose not to come out, that’s my choice

What stands out from that statement to me is that clearly, he’s hiding something. Upon hearing of this interview taking place I already knew it would be an awkward listen. How could this guy possibly back himself out of this corner without admitting he was gay? But he’s right. If he’s lying to us, it IS his choice. He doesn’t owe us a thing, because it’s his life.

Unfortunately we live in a media obsessed world where celebrities have to announce their choices of life to us whether they are ready to or not. Some of them strategically use it to their advantage (Frank Ocean), while others announce it for the sake of lifting a weight off their shoulders (Jason Collins). Since when have we become so entitled to another person’s life? The fact remains though, that Mister Cee whether gay or not will continue to be questioned for his lifestyle, or admitted “addiction” to strippers and prostitutes. Some people often confuse the legacy of one’s work with some level of holiness, as if these people could never do wrong. Someone actually said “Don’t disrespect the legend. He brought us Biggie Smalls”. That’s a bit ridiculous don’t you think? If he’s lying to us then so be it. No one likes to be lied to, but what can we do? As long as he’s honest with himself that’s what should really matter.

It’s been proven before by Cee himself, that music can make the public put other issues on the back burner, because seemingly we forgot about his 2011 incident because of his classic radio sets. Rick Ross can attest to this also, considering the Officer Ricky slander began to die down as he overcame the ordeal by saturating the market with great music. So, if the turntable legend is indeed lying to us, it’s not my concern. As long as those afternoon mixes don’t take a hit, cause if the music stops, that’s when I’ll get slightly irritated.