Domo Genesis is back. Earlier this week, the rapper pulled up with his latest project, Aren’t U Glad You’re U?, an eight-track, Evidence-produced mixtape.
This is Domo’s first project since 2017’s Red Corolla mixtape, led by “Me Vs. Me.” the track is very introspective and open. Throughout the song, the Los Angeles rapper reflects on his shortcomings.
“It’s like I got my brain in a grip, you know/Me Vs. Me: the most dangerous shit/My whole attitude stink and I ain’t changing my shit/You can’t blame me for being crazy ’cause I came from this shit,” the former Odd Future rapper spits on the track.
He continues, “Take what I get so I ain’t thankful for shit/And this ain’t never been about no fucking chain and a whip/I’m aiming for which target turn my pain into bliss/Keep hunting till I lay in the ditch/Swear this game is a bitch.”

Domo also shared the video for the cut. It’s a €¥£$-directed visual, roaming around his block and faces the himself in the mirror as he spits the lyrics to his track, which feels like a meditation.

Listen to Aren’t U Glad You’re U? below which features guest appearances from Phonte and Evidence. Peep Domo Genesis’ “Me Vs. Me” video beneath that. Download the new tape on Dat Piff.
Domo Genesis’ Aren’t U Glad You’re U? Tracklist

1. “Me Vs. Me”
2. “Shaq Carried Kobe” Feat. Phonte
3. “Free Krik”
4. “BBB”
5. “Sing Me A Song
6. “Brake”
7. “Fuck a Co-Sign” Feat. Evidence
8. “Hood Famous”