Donald Glover A.K.A Childish Gambino is officially Hollywood’s new “IT Guy.”

He has his highly anticipated FX Atlanta series coming back for it’s second season, he’s playing Lando Calrission in the upcoming Star Wars film, he’s working on his final Childish Gambino project and he recently welcomed his second child with his longtime girlfriend. Esquire magazine caught up with the actor, writer, producer, rapper and father, to see what life like for the renaissance man.


“All you really want to do is make something that stands the test of time. That’s all that matters,” the 34-year-old said of his upcoming Childish project. “I like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill and Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. That’s everyday music. That’s music that people just put on and they’re like, ‘Man, this song makes me feel good. This song, it helps me get through the day.’ You listen to ‘What’s Going On’ — I get a very intense feeling whenever I hear [Gaye] singing.”

He also talks about his up coming Star Wars Han Solo spin-off, Donald explained how hearing that his chances were slim to play Lando, was exactly what he needed because he’s “the person who’s not supposed to make It.”

“At a certain point, it does look easy,” he said. “I do sometimes look like a Mary Sue. I was like, ‘Oh, okay, cool.’ I studied, I watched the movies a lot, and I killed it, because I was ready.”

Talking about his newborn son, the “Red Bone” singer said children are “life’s greatest context,” adding, “parenthood really does make you something more. It asks you questions that no one is ever ready for, and that you’re always ready for. It’s like ayahuasca.”

For the new instalment of Atlanta, the rapper formally known as Childish Gambino, Donald Glover told the magazine that he knows the second round “is something” because it makes him “nervous.” Season two officially premieres on March 1st.