Well that escalated quickly…… During the NYC stop for the Summer Sixteen tour at Madison Square Garden tonight, Drake took the time to let radio station Hot 97 know exactly how he felt about them and their staff.

It was reported that he screamed out “fuck Hot 97,” but no video or audio has surfaced as of yet. All of this is coming out after yesterday, a video with Hot 97’s Ebro stating he had a conversation with Drake, that if Joe Budden’s label boss Eminem joined in on their rap feud that “he’d have bars for him too.” Drake went on to say that those reports were false and made it clear that he isn’t feeling anybody over at Hot 97 right now. He took to the msg stage and delivered a freestyle Demading Hot97 fire their biggest DJ (Funkmaster Flex), if they ever want him to appear on the station again.” Drizzy and Flex have their own issues stemming from last summer with the whole Quentin Miller ghost writing fiasco. Funkmaster Flex took to twitter to vow that he will respond to Drake Saturday on Hot 97. People have said rap is more like the WWE these days and tonight was a perfect example. Get your popcorn ready ladies and gents this is going to get messy really fast.