Rap Fest’s Elie P. sat down with 40 oz. Van recently, Check out the video below:

A couple of weeks back we were able to catch up with designer and booty connoisseur, 40oz Van at his #40ozBounce day party. Since the early 2000’s around when Myspace was the biggest website in the world, 40oz Van found his lane early in capitalizing on social media. The uptown entrepreneur started off doing day parties and then blew up his brand by taking the music industry by storm with his trendy and fashionable hats. His hats have been worn from everyone between Swizz Beats, Rihanna Kehlani, Jonah Hill, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, and more. We sat with 40oz Van to discuss whats the next move for his brand, trips to Dubai, taking the #40ozBounce party on the road, and more. Watch the clip below.