Eminem pays homage to decades of horror films in the new video for “Framed.”

The song is reminiscent of early Slim Shady songs like “’97 Bonnie & Clyde” in the eerie way he raps about stalking Christie Brinkley and President Trump’s daughter. “When murdering females, better pay attention to these details or you could be derailed,” Em warns. “Better wear at least three layers of clothing or be in jail.” Though the song’s narrator offers would-be killers a how-to manual, he also professes his own innocence: “I’m almost certain I was framed.”

In the video Em plays a recently escaped insane asylum patient, who locks him self in a blood splattered home surrounded by murder victims. Of course through the video Em maintains his innocence, until he is tricked into a confession and put back in the nut house.

“Framed” is a single off Eminem’s November release Revival. The album has sold over a million copies worldwide, and spawned a pair of top 20 hits in the U.S.: “Walk on Water,” a collaboration with BeyoncĂ©, and “River,” which featured Ed Sheeran.