Eminem takes time to respond to Machine Gun Kelly

It’s an official battle now guys, Eminem has responded to Machine Gun Kelly with his new diss track, “Killshot.” 

“Here’s that autograph for your daughter, I wrote it on a Starter cap
Stan, Stan, son, listen, man, dad isn’t mad
But how you gonna name yourself after a damn gun and have a man bun?
[…] Your reply got the crowd yelling, “Woo”
So before you die let’s see who can out-petty who
With your corny rhymes
Ow, Kelly, ooh, but I’m 45 and I’m still outselling you
By 29 I had three albums that had blew.”

Eminem dropped the record on YouTube as well as a Audiomack, marking the first time he’s ever uploaded a song to the free streaming site. You can listen to “Killshot” below.