Whats up, guys! On this week’s episode of the FKB Hip Hop Debate, we have special guests Founder and CEO of Dussepalooza Kam and Photographer Raven “Ravie B.” Varona.If you haven’t heard the great news yet, Kam just worked out a deal with Roc Nation’s Lenny S. to drop the name Hennypalooza and now officially be DUSSEpalooza! Ravie B. is of course apart of the Dussepalooza team, but is also doing some really great things herself. She recently had a photowalk at the Apple Store in Williamsburg, worked with Gatorade at their pop-up shop in NYC taking portraits, and she just recently came off of Jay-Z’s 4:44 tour serving as a concert photographer. So as you can see we had some heavy-hitters at FKB head quarters for this episode.

Now that we got the introduction out the way, lets talk about this week’s FKB Hip Hop Debate subject. We wanted to ask which rappers had some of the best 5-year runs in Hip Hop? Now there have been some great 5-year runs for certain rappers, some better than others, but the unique thing about a rap career is they usually stay hot for about the same time as a NFL running back. The times and trends change roughly about every 5 years, maybe less so when a rapper is able to stay relevant for that length of time and consistently deliver it’s pretty impressive. We asked everyone to pick one rapper they felt had a dominate 5-year run and everyone gave pretty solid responses. Even our boy DJ Jamesy had a hilarious chime-in on one of our picks.

Watch the debate with Ravie B. and Kam below.