Reported earlier today crooner Frank Ocean cleaned house, firing both his management team and publicist. This news is surprising because he’s supposed to be gearing up for his sophomore released via Def Jam, but now with these reports a lot is left up for question.
What triggered this drastic move by Frank? We all know he’s enigmatic, but how un-happy could he had been with them? Was it the press he was getting? Maybe the direction his album was going? None of us know? He’s hinted at a new project in the works adding small tidbits like being inspired by The Beatles and sharing intimate photos of him in the studio, via NABIL, indicating that his sophomore effort is very close to being finished.

Nothing has surfaced on whether Frank has found replacements but hopefully this won’t hamper the process of his sophomore effort. Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange,came out in 2012 to instant critical and commercial success, earning him a Grammy and cementing him as a prominent song writer and one of musics biggest stars. As of late Frank has been pretty sporadic, with the Chris Brown altercation to him telling Chipotle to Fuck Off, after a dispute occurred on how commercial with vocals should be used. We all will just have to wait and see how this all pans out. What are your thoughts? Reply in the comments below.