According to Music Business Worldwide, Frank Ocean’s  long-awaited studio album ‘Blonde’ has been illegally downloaded almost a million times. 753,849 times to be exact, as of Thursday (August 25) according to MUSO, which is a global tech company that provides content protection, data analytics and piracy audience reconnection solutions. Kanye West ‘The Life of Pablo’ project received the similar treatment being downloaded on BitTorrent half a million times. Frank’s release of ‘Endless’ and ‘Blonde’ has cause quite the controversy, causing label exec’s to take action. ‘Endless’ marked the Frank’s last contractual album with his former label Def Jam. The next day he dropped ‘Blonde’ or ‘Blond’ (which ever you choose to call it) the next day, independently on his own label Boys Don’t Cry. That ended up causing a big stir amongst the labels because they were being cut out of tons a cash and have become worried it will become a trend. That resulted in Universal Music Group, home to Def Jam, ending  all future exclusivity deals with music platforms such as Apple Music, TIDAL and Spotify. Now law suits and plenty of artist disputes are possible to take place. Stay tuned for more information as it develops.