If it seems as though Frank Ocean’s album roll-out was messy, we may have some clarity on that. It’s now reported that the singer’s visual album Endless, was his final obligation to Def Jam, and his album Blonde was released independently. A source tells Pitchfork that Endless  “fulfills Frank’s obligations to Def Jam and Universal.” The source adds “while the credits at the end of Endless name Def Jam, the metadata on Blonde simply credits ‘Boys Don’t Cry, which is also the title of Ocean’s magazine.”

Because of this, you can imagine a full-on streaming war is going to be launched. According to Forbes, music industry analyst and critic Bob Lefsetz reported that Universal Music Group (which owns Def Jam,) CEO Lucian Grainge sent an email to other executives stating that the company, which represents artists like Drake and Kanye West would end all exclusives with music streaming companies like Apple Music, Spotify, and TIDAL. This decision is said to be influenced by Ocean’s upsetting departure.