Freddie Gibbs is anxious to see the outcome of this Drake-Pusha T rap beef like the rest of us. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Drake and Pusha T don’t like each other. The two rappers have been taking shots at one another for years and Friday (5/25) things came to a head. Pusha took shots at Drizzy on “Infrared” off his new album ‘DAYTONA,’ and Drake promptly responded with “Duppy Freestyle.”

Yesterday (5/27) on twitter Freddie sent a subliminal shot at Pusha for failing return a diss record in a prompt manner. Gibbs writes, “It don’t really count if u don’t respond in 24 hrs.” It’s now been three days since Drake dropped “Duppy Freestyle” and still no word from Pusha.

It don’t really count if u don’t respond in 24 hrs.

Gangsta Gibbs further pushed his point, when a fan told him that they’re waiting for someone to try and take a crack at him. To this he responded, “they would never.”

He doesn’t mention Pusha by name, but we all know who Gibbs is speaking of. No word on when or if Pusha will respond but this is pretty interesting situation since he was so anxious for smoke in the past. Maybe Pusha wanted to enjoy the holiday weekend before getting back to business. No one will really know until he drops new music or a statement. But as we saw two years ago, waiting too long to respond to Drake can lead to disastrous consequences. Just ask Meek Mill how it feels to become the butt of every joke in hip hop, to then have it played at every club in America and then watch the diss track aimed at you actually get nominated for a Grammy.