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Google Glass Is Now Available to the Public



Google Glass is probably one of the most innovative devices to date, but has been blanketed until now. Normally there was a waiting list that you had to sign up for in order to be chosen to purchase. But now Google has allowed all consumers to purchase it. Although it’s a “beta” product and will always seem to be in the works, it is very functional. I had a chance to play with one over the weekend and it is pretty nifty.

Unfortunately I did not have it long enough to give a proper review, but if you can swing $1,500 for the Explorer Edition, DO IT! There is talks of a Consumer Edition being released but it is not set in stone. The good thing it will be priced similar to a smartphone so it will be affordable to an extent.  If you want to find out more about Google Glass and flat out purchase one, please check out GOOGLE GLASS

Glass Explorer Editionproduct_7


 Comes with:

  • Cable and Charger
  • Mono Earbud
  • Pouch
  • Your Choice of Shade or Frame