These days Drake is pissing everybody off. Each night at Drake’s “Summer Sixteen,” tour is becoming a platform for Drizzy to address his critics.

Flexing his star power by bringing out NBA stars (LeBron James and Derrick Rose), rap greats (Eminem, Lil Wayne, Dip Set), taking his time to call out his rivals Tory Lanez & Meek Mill, demanding Hot 97 fire Funk Master Flex and even asking shots at radio station Hot 97 asking NYC fans: “What have Thy Done For You Lately.”

Whelp Hot 97/ESPN radio personality Peter Rosenberg has had enough! Today Peter took to Twitter and went on a rant calling Champagne Papi out for “Not being real.”

“[Meek Mill]’s always been realer than you..your content is MEANINGLESS” the radio host posted in a series of tweets, reigniting the animosity between his station and the Toronto rapper. “… @Drake wouldn’t have been the toughest kid in my hebrew school … stop … make hits for the club…dont try to be hard please…EVER”

Most of you know the story Drake was very displeased that Rosenberg’s radio co-host Ebro Darden told a story that set off a firestorm of rumors that Eminem was about to send for Drake in a diss song. Ebro later cleared that up, by explaining Drake said it as a joke in a private conversation. Drake must’ve felt that wasn’t good enough and during his Madison Square Garden show, so he addressed it by saying the station was “telling lies.”

Rosenberg had enough and let his Twitter fingers go to work, he made light of Drake’s early history as an actor in Toronto, contrasting it to Meek Mill’s upbringing in the streets of Philadelphia. Basically saying Drake isn’t about that life and should stop portraying himself to be a tough guy on the stage and in interviews.