supreme-foam-cancelled 2

Hypebeast from everywhere gathered in front of NYC’s Supreme flagship store in SoHo on Wednesday for the release of their limited edition $250 Nike Foamposite’s.The mayhem was bound to happen as soon as Supreme announced on Monday they would be releasing their much-talked about sneakers to the public on Thursday, April 3rd. And to no ones surprise, Supreme/Nike hype beast and thirsty resellers started gathering outside of the SoHo Supreme store on Lafayette St. early on Wednesday morning. Once word got around the city, it turned into a block party of its own. Sneaker heads in the street were dancing, making vine and Instagram videos. But as always, once the NYPD caught wind of this, they proceeded to shut it down in no time. The police told the store owner that they where not allowed to sell the sneaker at all and the staff was forced to send the crowd away.

“Due to concern for public safety, NYPD has forced us to not sell the Supreme/Nike Foamposites and accompanying clothing in our New York Store,” Supreme announced. “These items will be available on tomorrow at 11am EST.”

Check out some of the insane clips below.

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