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Internet Explorer High Security Risk


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If XP users didn’t have enough to worried about, now everyone else does. OnSaturday, April 26 2014 Microsoft has annonuced that Internet Explorer were at risk. This includes IE 6 through 11 by “drive-by attacks” from malicious websites. Although XP is only capable of running 6-8, that means all newer versions of Windows are open for attack since they run 9 through 11.

The remote code has been named CVE-2014-1776 and has the ability to give the same rights as the computer owner/user. Once the hackers has rights to the machine, anything and everything is possible. Whether its simply infecting the machine or obtaining personal information . The fact of the matter is most users are an administrator on their machine so this presents an serious concern.

As of now the only fix is to NOT USE Internet Explorer and work with Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Microsoft has not released a solution as of yet but is still deciding on whether to release an emergency patch. The other option  is to wait until May 13 for patch Tuesday to repair supported versions of IE. Is this what security experts have been warning us about?  In March, Avast  has said that “Windows XP was already under attack 6 times more often than Windows 7”. That is major considering 28% of all online PCs still use Windows XP.

Google has stated that they will continue to support the XP version for Google Chrome until April 2015. Firefox has not yet announced an end-of-support date for XP.

There are steps for those who insist on using IE. Microsoft has advised users to install Enhanced Mitgation Experience Toolkit 4.1This will protect against malware and is only for XP SP3. You can also run secure mode under Internet Options – Security.