Last night was the end of an era, last night a broken 49 year old Undertaker lost his match at WrestleMania to Brock Lensner for the fist time in his career.The significance of  The Undertaker losing is that he has never lost at WrestleMania, compiling a truly record setting 21-0 record. It was once thought that “The Streak” would never be broken, because the Undertaker had a deal in his contract to never lose a match at WrestleMania because of his seniorarity in the business.

Whelp last night Brock Lesnar changed all that at WrestleMania 30, to the dismay  too many fans all over the world. In what will go down as the biggest upset in professional wrestling history, Lesnar defeated the Undertaker, leaving every witness absolutely speechless and in utter shock. The expression on the people’s face’s below sums it up all too well.

Here are some more reaction of shocked fan’s from Twitter, Instagram and vine.