This week YouTube announced that it will be launching it’s own music service called YouTube Music Key. As of Monday, users and subscribers will finally be able to listen to music without commercials, but it gets better. Not only would you be able to listen to the music through their Music Key App, no more getting pissed that the song stops playing ever time you switch to another app or put the phone to sleep, because it finally offers background music.

The subscription would include their arsenal of 30 million songs from Google Play, plus the unique option of being able to stream, and save video playlist to the mobile App or to your computer for off air play, similar to Spotify.

As amazing as this all sounds, nothing in this world is free, except if you’re one of the cool kids that is. In that case you’d be able to test out the Beta free through an invite only offer of course for the first six months. Hope you’re cool enough to get in on all the action early. Although the first six months will be a free subscription (for select few), afterwards it will be offered for a promotional lifetime price of $7.99 a month, and thereafter, $9.99 a month.

With Pandora and Spotify dominating the streaming service, it’ll be a tad difficult for YouTube’s new go-to, to dominate this market as they plan. With it being a tad cheaper than Spotify’s 9.99 service, there will definitely be some competition.